Cubroid's FAQ section provides answers to our customers most frequently asked questions.



Coding Cubroid 2 & 3 App | What's the difference?

This guide teaches you : How to link your coding blocks to the phone apps and how to code themThe difference between Coding Cubroid 2 and 3 Apps

How to Set the Group Number.  Why do I need to do Group Numbering?

This guide teaches you how to set and use group numbering when you have more than

1 set of Cubroid Coding Blocks in the same space like classrooms, exhibitions, etc.

Advanced Coding | App Introduction

This guide teaches you how to use your coding blocks with 'Advanced Cubroid' app. This is only available for iPad or tablet.

Advanced Coding Features & Examples | App Features

How to Update the Firmware

This guide teaches you how to update the firmware using Cubroid Manager App and Coding Apps

How to Recover the Coding Block Firmware

Are your coding blocks identified as other blocks in the apps? Was there an error during the firmware update? Are your coding blocks malfunctioning? If your answers to the following questions are YES, a firmware recovery is highly recommended. *Check out this video to learn how to recover your firmware*

How to set the Scratch 2.0 program

Cubroid Coding Block Scratch Guide, Setup files and Installation video* This guide assists users with the installation of all the required software for scratch coding Cubroid Scratch File

How to set CURO AI program ( Scratch 3.0 + AI)

Please download the CURO AI file from the link below.