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Educational Materials for Cubroid Coding Block

1. User guide for Cubroid

Learn to use Cubroid Coding Blocks

2. Cubroid Tangram worksheet

This is a basic exploration course for preschoolers who are new to Cubroid blocks.
This is a Cubroid Tangram activity that uses various worksheets to match block shapes and colors.

  • Recommended age : 4 to 6

3. Let's program and solve the mission

STEP 1 : This is Cubroid 

Unplugged activities to learn basic functions of Cubroid coding block. It helps to improve creative and thinking power. In addition, Cubroid blocks are connected to smartphone via Bluetooth(wireless), and you can control rotating direction of Motor block, color of Master block, icons and letters on LED block, and scale of Sound block.

  • 12 missions

  • Recommended age : 5 to 7

  • App to use : Unplugged worksheet, Coding Cubroid 2(go!cubroid Control Stage)

STEP 2 : Basic Programming Course

This is to learn sequential, repetitive, and conditional statements by using functions of 7 smart coding blocks. Making various shapes using blocks helps to grow creativity, and solving problems through coding helps to grow logical thinking.

  • 16 missions

  • Recommended age : 6 to 9

  • App to use : Coding Cubroid 2(Coding Stage)

STEP 3 : Advanced Programming Course

All of 7 blocks can be used at the same time. Coding is as easy as assembling blocks. Just connect the command codes. You can expand your computational thinking skills while experiencing various results and solve your projects more creatively.

  • 22 missions

  • Recommended age : 7 to 10

  • App to use : Advanced Cubroid(only for tablets)

4. Cubroid Scratch 2.0 

User guide for Scratch program of Cubroid

This is to learn basic concepts of Scratch program by using MIT Scratch 2.0 program. By programming and controlling Cubroid block directly, it helps to expand the creative activity by finding a connection between the real world and programming, rather than using only a simple computer input and output.

  • 18 missions

  • Recommended age : 10 to 15

  • App to use : MIT Scratch 2.0, Cubroid Scratch program(only for Windows)

Educational Materials for AI Coding Block, ARTIBO

1. User Guide for ARTIBO

Initial setting guide for AI coding block, ARTIBO.

2. AI coding basic course for Scratch

AI robot program based on Scratch program can be utilized to control various movements of ARTIBO, and to use AI functions(voice recognition, image recognition).

  • 16 missions(8 for basic, 8 for advanced)

  • Recommended age : 13 to 18

  • Program to use : Scratch based web coding platform for ARTIBO(Chrome or Safari), Wi-Fi Move to web coding platform of ARTIBO

3. Advanced Programming course

Python Programming

Python is a dynamic typing and general-purpose programming language, and it can be used in various platforms, with plenty of library(module).

You can control ARTIBO’s movement, and outputs of speaker and LCD by using Python.

  • 8 missions

  • Recommended age : 15 to adult

  • Program to use : Python

App Inventor 

App Inventor is a platform for people whose new to computer programming, and it helps them to make applications for Android OS easily.

Users can make an Android application to control ARTIBO, and play music by simply doing drag-and-drop of coding blocks.

  • 8 missions

  • Recommended age : 13 to adult

  • Program to use : App Inventor