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Using Scratch Coding and AI functions

AI learning platform
of the Cubroid


What's the difference with Curo AI?

AI? Everyone says it's important, but are you thinking about how to teach?

Design your own creative design with Cubroid, a block-type teaching tool that can make anything as you imagine, use Curo AI programs to learn AI, and experience various projects.

Creative making activities
AI Iearning
Intuitive problem solving

How do you use Curo AI?

You can train and learn models with vatious AI laerning tools to code Scratch projects and check the results directly with Cubroid robots.

Step1. Model training and learning

Train and learn vaious models using AI learning tools.

Step2. Scratch Coding

Design your own project with scratch coding.

Step3. Operation of the Cuboid as a result of learning

Dsign creative robots and intuitively check the results of the project.

What can you learn from Curo AI?

From image recgnition to artificial neural networks!
Experience a total of eight Curo AI-specific learning tools.

1. Machine Learning

With easy and fast AI learning tools, you can operate the results of various trining with Cubroid.

2. Teachable Machine

Various AI learning tools such as image and voice can operate the results of training with Cubroid.

3. Pose

You can understand and utilize pose estimation techiques to operate them with a Cubroid.

4. Arificial Neural Network

You can understand artificial neural network technology and predict results using numerical data.

5. Image Classification

You can use the learned image model to check the results and operate the Cubroid.

6. QR code

You can understand the concepts and principles of QR codes and use data to operate the Cubroid.

7. Face Tracking

The Cubroid can be operated according to the results by tarcking the positions of X and Y on the face.

8. Finger Tracking

You can track the coordinates of the finger position and operate the Cubroid according to the result.

Curo AI Curriculum

From elemntry School to high school, all ages have fun learning coding and artificial intelligence.

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